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Everything You Wanted
To Know About
Freelance Writing

How to Develop Article Ideas and 
Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines
and How to Find, Price, and Manage
Corporate Writing Assignments

Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing combines two popular business of freelance writing books in one comprehensive book...
  • The Six Figure Freelancer demonstrates how to plan and market your way to freelance writing success in the lucrative corporate market.
Review: Paul Lima's Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing really delivers! The material is useful--no, make that critical--for anyone who wants to survive and prosper in this business. Lima's section on generating article ideas, alone, is worth the price of the book. Highly recommended. - Tony Levelle, freelance writer (LinkedIn) 

Review: I found your book, Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing, practical as well as  valuable. I've read just about every book on freelance writing on the market and I'm beyond the "start-up" phase, but I still found your book beneficial--particularly how it helped me update my business plan.... In addition, I've read a great deal of advice on setting rates, but your breakdown of billable hours allowed me to see not only where I needed to be, but how I am going to get there.
- Kathryn Messer, KMC Communications

ReviewHow do you teach an old dog new tricks?  When it comes to writing, I discovered the answer is simple; get your hands on Paul Lima’s Harness the Business Writing Process and  Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing. They are like mini-workshops packed with practical instructions and exercises. I would not be writing successful copy and articles today without Paul Lima’s handbooks and guidance.
- Alastair Barnett (

Review: "One of the best things I have purchased for my business (not counting my computer) is Paul Lima’s  Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing... I highly recommend this book for new freelance writers and for seasoned veterans." - Heidi Turner

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing

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"Your expert plan, as outline in your book, has demystified the marketing and other business aspects of writing for me. I find your instructions to be straight forward, informative, and valuable. " - Bonnie Zink

"The wisdom in Paul Lima's books made my dream of being a mompreneur come true. His practical freelancing tips helped me build a business around my passion for writing and editing. Thanks to his creative exercises and methodical approach, I landed corporate clients and publication work, and I feel exhilarated!" - Lisa Goller

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