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Harness the Business Writing Process:
Ideal for anyone who has to write email, letters, proposals, reports, and web content 

Do you find yourself feeling blank when you face the blank page? Do you have a lot  to say but don't know where to, or how to, start? Do you suspect your writing tends to go on too long and is not as organized or as focused as it could (or should) be? Have you ever used ASAP in an email message? Do you want to write more effective email messages, letters, proposals or reports? Do you want to write in a more effective and efficient manner?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Harness the Business Writing Process is for you. This comprehensive business writing book:
  • introduces you to the writing process
  • shows you how to eliminate the blank page before you write
  • shows you how to (and why to) capture attention, maintain interest, and influence attitude - before you ask for action
  • helps you quickly outline and write short messages
  • helps you structure and outline long documents and write them in short, manageable chunks
  • helps you define (and start with) your purpose
  • includes sample e-mails, letters, and other documents
  • includes a number of editing and proofreading hints and tips
What readers have said:
  • “This book has exceeded my expectations. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 11. Above all, thank you for making me think about what I write before I start to write.” - J. Fair
  • “Paul’s approach is frank, straight-forward and witty.” - A. Baudette
  • "Now that I've read your book, I know where to start, where to end and what to put in the middle. What a great help." - M. Shelve
  • "I consider myself a decent writer, but upon reading this book I discovered I was a writer who had no method to my madness. This book has helped me flesh out my thoughts and construct logical and sensible outlines before I start to write." - Lauren Ching

Fundamentals of Writing, Paul Lima

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    * Multiple Sclerosis and New Daily Persistent Headache