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Business of Freelance Writing:
How to Develop Article Ideas and
Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines, Conduct Interviews and Write Article Leads

"I just sold my third feature to a national magazine this year, using your guidelines." - Judy Scott

Do you want to earn a living as a freelance writer? Can you imagine yourself working from home, selling your articles to newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and Web sites? If so, Business of Freelance Writing, by Paul Lima, is for you.

Business of Freelance Writing shows you how to develop article ideas, write query letters, pitch your ideas to the right editor at the right publications, and follow up on your queries.
It outlines everything you need to know to negotiate the sale of your work with editors who say "yes" to your ideas.

It also reveals how to conduct effective interviews and shows you a variety of ways to write article leads. 

Step-by-step approach, the book  shows you how to:

  • Turn desire, dedication, discipline into a successful freelance business
  • Understand how the freelance writing business works 
  • Develop article ideas
  • Write effective query letters 
  • Sell your ideas to newspapers and magazines 
  • Negotiate writing assignment details and fees
  • Conduct background research
  • Conduct effective interviews 
  • Set up and organize your freelance business
  • Continually generate repeat business

* All prices subject to change

Paul Lima - Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Media Interview Training, Writing Coach


Part One: Getting Started:
1: What Freelance Writers Do
2: Reality Check & Getting Started
3: Time Management
4: The Twin Fears

Part Two: How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines
5: Know Your Editor and Audience
6: Do the Math
7: Clustering Introduction
8: Article Ideas: Developing Your Own
9: Discovering More Article Ideas
10: Building Your Portfolio
11: Querying Editors: Overview
12: Sample Query Letters
13: More Sample Query Letters
14: 20 Rules for Writing Query Letters
15: Multiple Submissions/Follow Up
16: Writing Article Leads
17: Soft and Feature Article Leads
18: Finding Markets
19: Idea Acceptance: Now What?
20: Research and Interviews
21: Copyright and Business Issues
22: Additional Query Letters
    * Multiple Sclerosis and New Daily Persistent Headache