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  • Become a more effective and efficient business email writer. 5-lecture Udemy email writing webinar: Complete with lectures, writing exercises and five PDFs of the webinar lecture notes.

  • Tell Your Story: How to Write Memoirs and AutobiographiesWhen writing your memoir or  autobiography, you have to determine what to put in, and the order in which to write that which you are writing about. Tell Your Story shows you how to created a detailed, logical outline before you write. It  gets you to the point where it's all over but the writing, a place professional writers get to before they write anything. The webinar is delivered by successful freelance writer, author, and writing instructor Paul Lima. Like the book on which it is based, Tell Your Story is a webinar that will help you write your memoir or autobiography. The webinar (and book) includes all the tools Paul used to write his memoir, The Accidental Writer.  50 minutes.  How to PWYC

How to PWYC?

The PWYC webinar fee is suggested in each webinar. You can pay more, or less, based on what you feel you got out of the webinar, or your ability to pay.
If you've taken a webinar but were unable to download the PowerPoint, request it by emailing . Put PWYC <webinar name> PPT in your subject line. You will receive a PDF of the PowerPoint by email

If you want to discuss customized webinars or writing/editing services, the right words are just a click away.
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