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  • Free  vlog: (almost) Everything You Need to Know About MS. Hear me talk in detail  about MS, an illness that I have now had for 20+ years.

  • Free  vlog: Me and My MSBit about what MS is, and the types of MS... and a lot about my 22 years with MS--what I can, but mostly cannot, do.

  • Free  vlog: MS and Nothingness... If you don't want to see a sick man blubber, skip this video... But if you want to see how a sick man makes something of his illness, watch it... 

    Free  vlog: The Emotional Evolution of an MS Warrior. Video blog covers issues pertaining to my emotional evolution over time. How I have moved from anger and depression to acceptance... more or less. If you have MS or any chronic illness and are feeling emotionally unstable, watching this may may help you see the light at the end of the emotional tunnel. 

  • Free video: 20 books, mostly on writing, by Paul LimaTake 10 minutes to see how one author promotes his books. This free video is an overview of the 20+ books written by Paul. His books include books on business writing, promotional writing, writing for the web, how to write a memoir, the business of freelance writing, his best selling "How To Write A Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days", and even his book of short stories, "Rebel In The Back Seat". A tad tongue in cheek as Paul was playing with Loom, a tool any author who wants to create book promo videos should learn how to use.
  • Tell Your Story: How to Write Memoirs and AutobiographiesWhen writing your memoir or  autobiography, you have to determine what to put in, and the order in which to write that which you are writing about. Tell Your Story shows you how to created a detailed, logical outline before you write. It  gets you to the point where it's all over but the writing, a place professional writers get to before they write anything. The webinar is delivered by successful freelance writer, author, and writing instructor Paul Lima. Like the book on which it is based, Tell Your Story is a webinar that will help you write your memoir or autobiography. The webinar (and book) includes all the tools Paul used to write his memoir, The Accidental Writer.  50 minutes.  How to PWYC
How to PWYC |  PWYC webinars based on books by Paul Lima will soon be offered:
  • How to Write Winning Resumes and Cover Letters and Ace Job Interviews 
  • Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook
  • Six-Figure Freelancer: How to Price Corporate Writing Assignments
  • The Query Letter: How to Sell Article Ideas to Newspapers and Magazines
  • How to Write for the Web
  • How to Plan and Write Social Media Content 
  • How to Write Sales Letters and Email: Write direct response marketing material
  • Say it Right: How to Write Speeches and Presentations
  • Are You Ready For Your Interview? How to Prepare for Media Interviews
  • How to Write hard news leads and articles
  • How to Write short feature leads and articles
If you want to be notified when a specific webinar is available, email with the subject line PWYC email list <webinar name>.

How to PWYC?

The PWYC webinar fee is suggested in each webinar. You can pay more, or less, based on what you feel you got out of the webinar, or your ability to pay.
If you've taken a webinar but were unable to download the PowerPoint, request it by emailing . Put PWYC <webinar name> PPT in your subject line. You will receive a PDF of the PowerPoint by email

If you want to discuss customized webinars or writing/editing services, the right words are just a click away.
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