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Article writing and business of freelance writing
online webinars - Fall 2018

I will be offering  pay-what-you-can writing and business of freelance writing webinars this fall. They will be 1.5 hours in length and take place on the web, complete with a vocal and PowerPoint presentation and a chat function that allows participants to pose questions during the presentation.

I have taught similar workshops in person for years… Unfortunately, I can no longer conduct workshops in person due to various issues, none of which affect my brain or ability to speak! (I recently conduced social media writing and business writing webinars and they went well in terms of the mechanics of the webinar and participant interaction.)

For these writing and business of freelance writing webinars, participants can pay, or not pay, once the webinar is complete using PayPal or credit card via PayPal.

If you want to be put on an email list for information about upcoming webinars -- promise you will not receive many email messges and you can escape the list at any time -- simply send an email with the subject line 'writing webinars' to

Feel free to include in your email the kind of webinars you would be most interested in.

Books: Paul has written print and e-books on business writing, copywriting and promotional writing, writing articles and social media content, preparing for media interviews, the business of freelance writing and on his battle with MS over the last 20 years.

Based in Toronto, Paul has worked as a freelance writer, copywriter, business writer and business-writing trainer for companies in telecom, IT, e-commerce, banking and financial services, education, transportation, retail, food and beverage, social services and other sectors.
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Read about Paul's latest book: MS & ME