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Print On Demand Video Primer:
How to Get Your Book to Market

Print on Demand (POD) is a popular, affordable short-run publishing process that can be used to self-publish and sell print and electronic copies of your book(s) from your website and/or from leading online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the US, Indigo-Chapters in Canada and WH Smith in the UK. You can also use POD to print copies of your book(s) at wholesale prices and to  sell them at workshops, lectures and readings, and even through book retailers.

Paul Lima, a freelance writer, business writing trainer, and the author of 10 POD books on copywriting, media release writing, business writing, the business of freelance writing, and writing non-fiction books, conducted a 2.5-hour seminar for the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)-Kitchener-Waterloo chapter and the Canadian Freelance Union (CFU). The full seminar is now available on video, as a downloadable file.

Print On Demand Video Primer: How to Get Your Book to Market comes complete with Paul's full lecture, his PowerPoint slides and the seminar question and answer sessions. The video is now available online (as a downloadable file) for only $14.95, less than half the price of the original seminar.

In the How to Get Your Book to Market video, Paul defines POD and spells out how (and why) it works. He discusses the author’s responsibility (beyond writing the book), what various POD companies do (for you and at what price), and differentiates between more affordable POD companies and more pricey vanity POD (V-POD) shops. He outlines the kind of distribution you can expect from POD companies and provides  information on print vs. e-book POD.  In addition, he discusses marketing topics such as websites vs. blogs, Facebook vs. LinkedIn, and to tweet or not to tweet.

Full contents of the POD video include:
  • POD defined
  • Difference between POD, vanity publishing (fading industry) and vanity POD
  • Importance of targeting your audience (before you write)
  • POD and non-fiction vs. fiction and poetry
  • POD companies/options
  • Information about Lightening Source Inc. and, two popular POD companies
  • Distribution in, and other online retailers
  • Kindle (Amazon's e-book)
  • ISBN (and why and how to get yours)
  • Technical tools you need to self-publish
  • Overview of book marketing options, such as website, blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
  • Plus, you get Paul's witty banter... OK, maybe that's not a selling feature, but it is what it is!
Order the Print On Demand Video Primer: How to Get Your Book to Market  today
for only $14.95, less than half the price of the original seminar.

Watch the POD trailer

: This is not a technical workshop, i.e., it will not show you how to use software to create POD books. However, the video describes various software tools you need and gives you website addresses where you can find more information
if you (or the person who will be designing your book) wants to know more about POD.

Paul Lima is a freelance writer, business writing trainer and the author of 10 books, including the popular How To Write A Non-Fiction Book In 60 Days. His books are published as print, PDFs and Kindle books using POD. They are available from Paul's book promotion website and from online book retailers such as,, Chapters-Indigo.caLulu and others.

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