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A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+
Novel About Something

Everything Seinfeld is not... but just as funny

What if the four extremely white, heterosexual main characters in Seinfeld were extremely colorful LGBTQ+ characters? You'd have Geri! A funny novel. With  serious undertones. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Geri Sender: a non-binary stand up comedian and carpenter who thinks they may be transgender. They live in a house flat with three LGBTQ+ friends...

Ellie Kim: A person of color, she is Geri's former lesbian lover and an aspiring playwright who works part-time in the box office of the Rainbow Theater.

Jorge Costa: a constantly employed, and then unemployed, gay person of color looking for love through a dating website.

Krystal Orbit: a wacky yet outspoken transgender person who has not yet made the transition and has put his modeling career on hold while she learns how to walk in heels.

Geri and Ellie love each other, but since their break up, shortly after Geri begins to wonder if they are transgender, they bicker over various aspects of life and act as if they don't miss what was once a strong physical relationship. Ellie has quit her job at an insurance agency and is working pat-time in the box office of an LGBTQ+ theater while trying to write her play.

Jorge is frequently unemployed and trying to establish a new relationship through a dating website. Krystal is wacky but has a serious side; she is transgender but has trouble walking in heels even though she likes to dress to nines.

Geri may be a parody of heterosexual TV series--such as Seinfeld, Friends and The Big Bang Theory--but it addresses  issues such as policing, bullying, racism and religious matters, with grace and humor.

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Reviews are coming in for Geri

"Geri should run for office. They have my vote."

"I'm sure your goal was to entertain, which you do, but you educate as well. Without getting teachy or preachy."

"You go beyond LGBTQ+ issues. Race. Police. Bullying. Divisions within the LGBTQ+ community. All while making me laugh."

"Love how the big corporate pride 'gala' was a snore, until Geri took the stage and woke everybody up!"

"Great read. I was almost afraid you wouldn't wrap it up. But you did, quite wonderfully."

"When all . . . are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free." -- Barack Obama

Author's note: Seinfeld has not formally approved this novel. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    * Multiple Sclerosis and New Daily Persistent Headache