Paul Lima - Toronto Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Media Interview Trainer, Writing Coach

Business Editing

Do you have marketing or communications material, or other documents, ready to go out the door? Are you sure your documents are as targeted, effective and powerful as you can make them?

Paul Lima's editing services will ensure that your documents speak to your target market, support your purpose or objective and are as 
powerful and focused as they can be.

Editing service include:
  • Major copy editing - for concept retooling, document, paragraph and sentence structure and word choice
  • Copy editing - for document, paragraph and sentence structure and word choice)
  • Minor copy editing - for sentence structure and word choice
  • Proofreading.
If you want to know the kinds of questions Paul asks when editing a document, email and request your Free Special Report - Questions to ask before you send your document out the door. The report also includes tips to help you proofread your work more effectively. You will receive the Free Special Report and no follow-up email, unless you request a quote or have additional questions.

Whether you want to discuss media training, writing workshops, writing or editing services, or communications consulting, the right words are just a click away.
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