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Copywriting 102: How to write effective
sales letters and promotional email

Do you need to write sales letters and promotional email messages that motivate action? If so, this e-course is for you. The course shows you how to follow the writing process, which will help you become a more effective and efficient writer. It also demonstrates how to (and why to) structure your sales and promotional messages to

  • Capture Attention
  • Hold Interest
  • Influence Attitude
  • Call for Action.
In short, if you don't capture attention, you can't hold interest. If you don't hold interest, you can't influence attitude. And if you don't influence attitude, your call for action will fall on deaf ears. The question is, how do you write that way?

During the course, you will practice the craft of writing sales and promotional letters and email messages and will receive constructive feedback on four sales letter/email assignments. Note: While the course includes assignments, they can be customized to meet your particular sales and promotional writing requirements.

Copywriting 102 is Ideal for freelance business writers, junior copywriters, marketing department staff, independent practitioners and small business owners and individuals interested in pursuing careers in marketing and advertising. Request the course outline: PDF file.

New low e-course price: $275. E-course price includes a PDF version of Copywriting that Works. (If you simply want a copy of the book, buy it here. If you have the book, let Paul know and he will give you an appropriate workshop discount.) This e-course also includes lecture notes, exercises,  assignments and detailed feedback on assignments. You can also ask questions about course material, assignments and feedback on assignments at any point during the self-paced, one-on-one e-course.

  • Sign up for this e-course (pay online by credit card).
    Course material and getting started information will be emailed to you within 72 hours.
  • To pay by check or to request more information, email
  • Ask about discounts for 3 or more courses or for 3 or more students enrolled in the same course.

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