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How to Price Corporate Writing Assignments
Quoting on corporate writing and editing assignments would be easy if freelance writers and editors charged one rate for their work and if all jobs took the same amount of time to complete. However, that is not the case. Rates are all over the map and jobs can take anywhere from a few hours to days, weeks or longer to complete.

If you want to accurately quote on corporate writing and/or editing assignments, you need to start by setting your hourly rate, which this e-course will show you how to do. You then have to define the scope of corporate projects, as detailed in The Six-Figure Freelancer (textbook included with the e-course), and issue accurate quotes based on your hourly rate. The e-course includes a variety of corporate pricing case studies that will help you issue fair and accurate quotes. You will receive detailed feedback on each assignment to help you refine the approach you take to quoting on corporate writing jobs. You will also learn how to protect yourself if the client changes the scope of the project or kills the project.

e-Course Comments:

  • "Great course. I personally learned a tremendous amount and had many, many questions answered. It's like having that much needed mentor." - A. Spiridon
  • "I've learned a lot and feel well equipped to start my freelance business." - S. Ritchie
  • "This has been one of the most practical and useful courses I've taken." - G. Fitzgerald
  • "I've got a lot out of this course and will get even more as I use the book as a references when I need it" - M. Slaght

How to Find Corporate Writing Assignments is Ideal for new and experienced freelancers who want to accurately quote on simple and complex writing and editing assignments. Request the course outline: PDF file.

New low e-course price: $195. Includes a PDF version of The Six-Figure Freelancer. (If you simply want a print or PDF copy of the book, buy it now. If you have a copy of the book, let Paul know and he will discount the course fee.) If you want to focus on finding corporate writing assignmentsclick here. If you want to take both the Finding and Pricing Corporate Writing Assignments e-courses, email and ask about the two-course discount.

  • To sign up for this e-course: email and request the 'price corporate market writing assignment e-course invoice' that you can pay online by credit card, or request the 'pay by check invoice'.
  • Ask about discounts for 3 or more courses or for 3 or more students enrolled in the same course.

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