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Business Writing: Effective E-mail Writing
Do you find yourself writing draft after draft of e-mail messages? Do you find errors, omissions or other mistakes when you read old e-mail messages? Do you feel people do not always reply in an appropriate or timely manner to your messages? Do you think your e-mail messages could be shorter, more focused and more effective? Do you want to write more effective e-mail messages in a more efficient manner?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Business Writing: Effective E-mail Writing is for you. Based on a business writing e-mail workshop that Paul conducts for private clients, this e-course 

  • introduces you to the writing process 
  • shows you how to (and why to) capture attention, maintain interest and influence attitude - before you ask for action 
  • helps you define (and start with) your purpose 
  • shows you how to answer 5 simple question to eliminate the blank page before you write
  • includes sample e-mail messages 
  • includes a number of editing and proofreading hints and tips

As part of the e-course, you will complete a number of e-mail exercises and submit five  writing assignments for detailed feedback. By time you complete this course, you will be a more effective and efficient business writer. 

The course is based on Harness the Email Writing Process. A PDF copy of the book is included with the course. The book is also available from several online bookstores. Read more about it here.

By the way, if you have ever used ASAP in an e-mail message,
you will want to take this e-course and learn why you should not use it.

Business Writing: Effective e-mail writing is Ideal for any business person who wants to become more effective and efficient email writer. Request the course outline: PDF file.

New low e-course price: $295. This e-course includes  lecture notes, exercises,  assignments and detailed feedback on assignments. You can also ask questions about course material, assignments and feedback at any point during the self-paced, one-on-one e-course.

Note: If you want to take a more in-depth business writing course, click here.

  • To sign up for this e-course: email and request the 'effective email writing e-course invoice' that you can pay online by credit card, or request the 'pay by check invoice'.
  • Ask about discounts for 3 or more courses or for 3 or more students enrolled in the same course.

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