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How to Write a Non-fiction Book
Are you itching to write a non-fiction book? No matter what you want to write about, you’ll learn how to take your book from inspiration to detailed outline so that it's ready for you to complete. The e-course, based on the popular book, How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days, comes complete with practical writing exercises that will help you define your idea, purpose, audience and scope. Then the course takes you step-by-step through the process required to move from inspiration to a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to write a solid first draft of your book. As an added bonus the e-course includes How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days, which shows you how to write each chapter, from outline point to point. In addition, How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days, includes two bonus chapters: one on constructing effective sentences and paragraphs and one on self-publishing or print on demand (POD).

How the e-Course Works
You read assigned chapters of How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days, do various writing exercises outlined in the book, and  submit five specific writing assignments for feedback. The exercises and assignments will help you
  • develop and focus your idea
  • define your target audience and the scope of the book in relation to your audience
  • conduct internal research to get all you know about your idea on the page
  • create a table of contents for your book
  • outline the first 3 to five chapters of your book
  • understand how to outline the rest of your book
You get feedback on Assignment #1 before you submit Assignment #2, and so on, so you can review the feedback before you tackle your next assignment. You can also asks questions about non-fiction writing at any point during the self-paced, one-on-one e-course.

How to Write a Non-fiction Book
is Ideal for consultants, workshop leaders, speakers, PhD students, professors, freelance writers or anyone with a great idea who wants to write a solid, focused first draft of a non-fiction book, white paper or academic thesis. 

E-course price: Variable*. Includes a PDF version of How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days. (If you simply want a print or PDF copy of the book, buy it her. If you have a copy of the book, let Paul know and he will discount the course fee.)

*Note: Course fee is variable. Some students only want help focusing their book idea; some want help with focus and the book outline; some want help with focus,  book outline, and writing the first few chapters. Other students want help with writing the full book; others simply want help with the final edit. Email Paul - - and let him know the kind of help think you need and he will work with you to determine a course price based on your training objectives.

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