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Email-based E-courses
Self-paced, email-based e-courses include:
PDF textbooks,
exercises, assignments,  feedback and Q&A opportunities.
Course outlines and more information on  courses  below, email

  • Business Writing: E-mail to Reports/Proposals

  • Business Writing: E-mail

  • Writing for the Web
  • How to Write Media Releases

  • How to Write Social Media Content

  • Copywriting 1: Write Effective Ad and Brochure Copy

  • Copywriting 2: Write Promotional Sales Letters & E-mail
  • Pitch Article Ideas (Query Letters) to Newspapers & Magazines

  • Write News and Feature Articles (for newspapers and magazines) 

  • Find Corporate Writing Assignments

  • Price Corporate Writing Assignments

  • Write a Non-ficton Book in 60 Days

  • (re)Discover the Joy of Creative Writing / Unblock Writer's Block
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