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Put Time On Your Side
Time Management - Short eReport ($US4.95)
If you are not managing your time effectively, then you are not managing your business effectively. By showing you how to set priorities and manage your time and yourself, this report will help you manage your business and help you implement your Business and Marketing Plans - so you can achieve your Business Vision. 

Ideal for any small business owner or independent business practitioner - such as freelance writers, website designers, editors, commercial photographers, graphic artists, accountants and bookkeepers, consultants or anyone else looking to start, or kick-start, their business.

"I enjoyed the clear, practical, realistic and humble approach in your style and your real life stories and others examples. Your ideas were easy to follow. I consider myself organized and yet I needed that clear framework of a vision to work within. My load seemed lighter when I'd worked through the exercises and absorbed some of your straightforward ideas and tips." - Evelyn Kathleen Ennor

"After reading the section about emails and lost time, I went out and moved more than 1,750 emails in my inbox to organized folders within my inbox. My inbox, after almost five hours of work, is completely empty. Every morning and every night, I empty my inbox. I also have a new policy of replying to every email I get within 24 hours. Much easier to do when you empty your inbox every day. So I think I am saving a bunch of time there for sure, procrastinating a little less, and being more efficient." - Rod in Toronto

Download it now for only $US4.95. 10,000 words; 25 pages. Printable PDF file.

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