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Do you know where
your Web site ranks?

How to optimize your Web site
for the best possible
Search Engine results

I have been optimizing my web site based on Paul Lima's search engine optimization book and my site now appears on page one for a Google search on "copywriter Oakville." I’m pumped!
- Steve Doran

All the elements in Paul Lima's popular SEO seminar are included in this easy to read, understand, and implement Search Engine Optimization book, Do You Know Where Your Website Ranks? How to Optimize Your Website for the Best Possible Search Engine results.

The third edition includes updates on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, as well as two two chapters on SEO and blogging and SEO and social media, and on how to use blogging and social media to go beyond SEO  to promote your company, product or service, or cause online.

workshop-in-a-book SEO guide is for small and medium businesses and individuals who build their own websites or contract out website creation to third parties. You do not need to know HTML to understand the SEO  principles that will allow you optimize your website or to intelligently discuss SEO with your website designer

A dozen SEO techniques are covered in detail in the easy to read, easy to follow e-book, including:
  • Define/know your keywords and phrases
  • Beg, borrow and barter reciprocal links 
  • Use a consistent, text-based site navigation menu that incorporates your keywords and phrases
  • Use keyword alternative text tags (alt tags) with graphics-based navigation menu 
  • Combine keyword text with graphics, Flash or any other "non-text " objects 
  • Build a text site map (an uber navigational or menu page) that includes links to every page on your site
  • Use keywords in your title and meta tags
  • Think geographically in your optimization (if it makes sense to your business) 
  • Change your title and keywords from page to page, when it makes sense to do so 
  • Ensure all content includes keywords and phrases; create glossaries, resource links, and other content that speaks to your target market
  • How to submit your site to major Search Engines 
  • Plus: information on blogging, social media and Pay Per Click ads
"You provide detailed information in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.... I had no idea of the many important, and necessary, steps needed to be taken to maximize our presence on the Web . But my highest praise is this: A non-technical guy like me was able to understand it!"
- Paul McLaughlin, Director of Marketing,
Toronto-based forensic accounting firm

Paul Lima - Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Media Interview Training, Writing Coach

If you want to optimize your website for the best possible search engine results, then Do you know where your Web site ranks? is for you
No cost SEO: With few exceptions, the SEO hints, tips, ideas and techniques presented here will cost you nothing but the time it takes to implement them. The suggestions that have a price tag relate mostly to online advertising and may not be applicable to you or your business, unless you have to keep up with the competition. 

"Changing my website copy around has landed me first page finishes in all the horizontals I use on my website! That's a pretty amazing feat -- to go from only being able to find my company with my company name to typing "copywriter Moncton" and popping up in the top 5."
- Kathy Mercure, Writenow! Communications

Your SEO book helped me land a major client. I already had a Masters in Library Science so I understood the back end - composing the keywords - and the controlled vocabulary, but the information about Google Analytics and composing page titles was really helpful.
- Teresa Murphy

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