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Rebel in the Back Seat
... and other short stories

"I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. I don’t generally like short stories, especially outside of SF&F. And while this might still be true today, it is less true than it was before I read this book. I even almost missed my subway stop once. The only other writer who comes close to making me miss subway stops is Robert Sawyer. The short stories in the collection are excellently written and have fascinating characters. Although the stories mostly take place in Toronto, this geographical restriction did not affect my enjoyment of the book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys short fiction." - Steve G

Sometimes tragic. Often hilarious. Frequently poignant. And always uplifting. Rebel In The Back Seat will make you smile, make you laugh, make you feel and just might cause you to reflect on growing up -- the good, the not always good, and the painful ... And yes, even the funny moments too.

"Rebel in the Back Seat is about fathers, sons, brothers and hockey ... Lima draws a powerful yet gentle picture of coming of age, family and memory.  Beautifully written stories with subtlety, humor and lasting power ... One of the joys of reading this book is the pleasure of discovering a new and clear voice in fiction. Highly recommended." - Tony Levelle

Rebel In The Back Seat, a collection of coming of age, no matter the age, short stories includes:
  • Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue--audio/video reading of HNOOA)
  • The Conquest of Kong
  • The Winter of Whisky
  • A Whiter Shade of Pale
  • L’Ascenseur
  • The Visit
  • The Last Bang
  • Beaujolais Nouveau
  • The Cattle Were Lowing
  • The Nuncles
  • Rebel In The Back Seat (story: .99 - Kindle)
While the characters in Rebel are fictional, they feel like real men, facing real problems, and using their knowledge and intuition to find real solutions -- at least to find the best solutions they can find. Does that mean Rebel is not for women? While the main characters are primarily male, women looking for greater insight into the problems and doubts that plague men, and how they attempt to deal with them, will appreciate the insight they glean into minds of men.

"Lima's Rebel in the Back Seat is truly a coming of age set of stories reminiscent of Stephen King's Stand By Me tale. The title story is riveting, powerful with original lines that easily captivate" - Rusti L Lehay, Freelance Writer

Paul Lima - Rebel in the Back Seat and other short stories

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  • Kindle: $4.95 (US)
  • Kindle: $5.25 (Cnd)
  • print: 12.95 (US)
  • print: $12.45 (CND)
  • Chapters-Indigo print: from $15.60 (CND)
  • Barnes&Noble print: $12.45 (US)
  • Amazon UK print: 8.15 pnd
  • Amazon UK Kindle: 3.15 pnd
  • ePub: $4.95
  • Barnes&Noble: ePub: $4.99 (US)
  • ibookstore (Apple): ePub: $5.99 (US)
  • Lulu ePub:$5.95 (US)
  • Lulu PDF: $5.95 (US)

     Currently not available in paperback. Prices subject to change.
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Note: In some stories, there is some violence, some strong language and some sexual content. There is also, in most stories, a great deal of fun and levity.
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