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  • Everything You Need To Know About Multiple Sclerosis: For MS Warriors, their Family, Friends and Care Givers. Jam-packed with information about the what, why and how to deal with MS. Read  introduction and table of contents. [Read more]
  • MS & ME: From First Signs, To Diagnosis, To Living With Chronic Illness.  MS & ME chronicles my 20 years of dealing with MS, looks at how the 'snowflake' disease is different for everyone with it and how it is often misunderstood. [Read more]
  • How To Write A Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days
    Ideal for those who want to write a non-fiction book.
    rint, Kindle, ePub & PDF. [Read more]
  • Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook. "Painstakingly lays out all the information one needs to self-publish a book, including options, pros and cons and caveats." Kindle, ePub, Print. [Read more]
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing - Find, Price, Manage Corporate Writing Assignments & Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines.
    Print, Kindle, ePub &
    PDF. [Read more] 
  • Six-Figure Freelancer: How to Find, Price and Manage Corporate Writing Assignments
    Print, Kindle & PDF. [Read more]
  • Business of Freelance Writing: How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines, Conduct Interviews and Write Article Leads
    Print, Kindle & PDF.[
    Read more]

  • The Query Letter: How to Sell Article Ideas
    to Newspapers and Magazines
    Print, Kindle & epub .[Read more]

  • Say it Right: How to Write Speeches and Presentations. Print, Kindle & epub .[Read more]
  • Harness the Business Writing Process:
    E-mail, Letters, Proposals, Reports, Media Releases, Web Content
     - Used by University of Toronto adult education business writing students.
    Print, ePub, Kindle & PDF. [Read more

  • Harness the Email Writing Process:
    How to Become a More Effective and Efficient Email Writer

    Print, ePub, Kindle & PDF. [Read more

  • Fundamentals of Writing: How to Write Articles, Media Releases, Case Studies, Blog Posts and Social Media Content 
    Print, Kindle & ePub. [Read more]

  • How to Write Web Copy and Social Media Content: Spruce up Your Website Copy, Blog Posts and Social Media Content
    Print, Kindle & ePub. [Read more]

  • Copywriting That Works: Bright ideas to Help You Inform, Persuade, Motivate and Sell!
    4th & 5th editions: Used by University of Toronto and George Brown College. P
    rint, Kindle & PDF. [Read more]

  • How to Write Sales Letters and Email:
    Write direct response marketing material to inform, persuade and sell!

    rint, Kindle, ePub & PDF. [Read more]

  • Unblock Writer's Block: How to face it, deal with it and overcome it. With over 70 writing exercises to get you started and keep you writing.
    Print, Kindle & ePub. 
    [Read more]
  • How to Write Media Releases to Promote Your Business, Organization or Event 
    rint, PDF, Kindle & ePub. [Read more]
  • Are You Ready For Your Interview? How to Prepare for Media Interviews. Prepare for interviews with print and broadcast reporters.
    Print, PDF, ePub & Kindle.
    [Read more]

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Looking for more than a book? Check out Paul's e-courses.
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