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Toronto freelance writer, copywriter, writing instructor and media interview trainer Paul Lima offers businesses, associations and non-profits a variety of
Consulting Services.

For instance, if you are about to embark on a major communication, branding or marketing project, call Paul in to help you determine your Target Market and their needs and desires. He can also ensure that you have accurately defined and clarified your 

Once you know who you want to communicate with and what you need to achieve, Paul can help you create a hook or concept that captures the attention of your Target Market, keeps them, interested and concludes with a clear call to action. And he can help you brainstorm incentives that would induce your Target Market to take an action that is in sync with your business objectives.

Fail to determine your Target Market, define your objective, create a concept that speaks to your audience, and induce action, and you may end up wasting your communication dollars.
Whether you want to discuss media training, writing workshops, consulting, writing or editing services, or communications consulting, the right words are just a click away.
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