Paul Lima - Toronto Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Media Interview Trainer, Writing Coach

Sample Newspaper & Magazine Articles 
  • Ideas, Inspiration and Dogs: Why every freelance writer should ABC (always be curious) [Full article]
  • Writing a book? Here's one way to get published. [Full article; opens as a PDF file]
  • Are you ready for your media interview? You never know when journalists will call, so be prepared! [Full Article]
  • PR Primer for Small Business: [Full Article]
  • Star Entrepreneur: Innovation turns passion for astronomy into  out-of-this-world business success: [Full Article]
  • Dreaming of Fat City: Diane Baker Mason couldn't finish her first novel until.... [Full Article]
  • In the midst of a VoIP communications revolution: [Full Article]
  • Pirated Software has hidden costs for business: [Full Article]
  • Bad etiquette can leave sour taste:  Poor table manners can be hazardous to your career health: [Full Article]
  • Much Ado About Time Management: [Full Article]
  • Will your website be found? This simple test will help you  discover whether you're taking the right steps to rise above the crowd: [Full Article]
  • Hit Me! Make Search Engines work for your company: If your corporate Web site isn't getting noticed, read on: [Full Article]
  • Basement Renovation: get it right the first time: [Full Article]
  • Deeley goes whole hog to speed delivery: New process allows faster distribution: [Full Article]
  • Online search can Net good talent: [Full Article]
  • Securing Search Engine Success: Got a website? Now it's time to figure out how to get your customers to find it. [Full article - PDF - from Canadian Retailer]
  • The shape of online payments to come [Full Article]
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