Paul Lima - Toronto Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Media Interview Trainer, Writing Coach

About Paul Lima

Paul delivers the right words, on time and on budget.
He can train your staff to write effectively and efficiently.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, freelance writer and business-writing trainer Paul Lima has been a professional writer and writing instructor for over 25 years. He delivers the following services and products:
  • Freelance Writing - business writing, case studies, media releases, copywriting (ads, brochures, sales letters, web content, SEO copywriting), blog posts, proposals and reports
  • Business Training business writing - e-mail writing, letter writing, proposal and report writing - media release writing, copywriting and writing for the web; media interview preparation
  • E-courses - business writing, copywriting, writing medias releases, creative writing, writing non-fiction books, business of freelance writing
  • Books on Writing - business writing, media release writing, copywriting ...
Qualified adult educator
A qualified adult educator, Paul develops and teaches business writing, email writing,
report writing, advertising copywriting, media release writing and media interview training seminars for corporate and non-profit clients. He has conducted business writing, copywriting and business of freelance writing courses for adult education students at the University of Toronto, Humber College and George Brown College.

Experienced freelance writer
An experienced freelance writer, Paul writes
case studies, Web content, media releases, promotional brochures, ad copy and speeches for corporate and non-profit clients. He has written business profiles and articles on the business use of technology for numerous publications, including: the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Backbone, Profit, Network World Canada and other print and online publications.

Paul has worked for companies in IT, e-commerce, telecom, broadcast, banking and financial services, education, food and beverage, transportation, social services and health and safety. He has also written several books on business writing, copywriting, media release writing and preparing for media interviews, including:
  • Harness the Business Writing Process
  • Copywriting That Works: Bright Ideas to Help You Inform, Persuade, Motivate and Sell!
  • How to Write Media Releases to Promote your Business, Organization or Event
  • Are You Ready For Your Interview? How to Prepare for Media Interviews
  • Do you know where your Website ranks: How to optimize your Website for the best possible Search Engine results
  • How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 Days
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing
  • The Six-Figure Freelancer: How to find, price and manage corporate writing assignments
  • The Business of Freelance Writing: How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines
  • Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook
  • Fundamentals of Writing: How to Write Articles, Media Releases, Case Studies, Blog Posts and Social Media Content
  • Unblock Writer's Block: How to face it, deal with it and overcome it
  • (re)Discover the Joy of Creative Writing
A past member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and an English major from York University, Paul has worked as an advertising copywriter (print and broadcast), continuing education manager and magazine editor (Northern Lights and Toronto Computes).

Paul has worked as a freelance writer and business-writing trainer for companies in a variety of sectors, including IT, e-commerce, telecom, broadcast, banking and financial services, education, retail, food and beverage, transportation, social services and health and safety. 

If you want an effective business writer working for you, or an experienced trainer conducting business-writing seminars for your staff, contact Paul today.
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